We hereby give notice that our services as European Authorized Representative have been fully terminated as of December 31, 2021. Therefore, it is illegal to misappropriate any information of our BellaCocool GmbH company by printing it on any product or packaging. We reserve the right to take legal action against any company or individual who illegally uses our BellaCocool GmbH company information.

After a 3-month selection and negotiation process, in January 2023 we established a long-term partnership with CE Connection E-Commerce (DE) GmbH to provide a range of compliance services to support our customers in selling their products in the European market, and CE Connection E-Commerce (DE) GmbH will also act as European Authorized Representative for our customers in Europe.
Jan 31, 2023
Berlin, Germany
BellaCocool GmbH
Company Profile
We are a German company that focuses on providing compliance services and market-oriented suggestions for cross-border e-commerce companies. According to the corresponding Acts and regulations of Germany, BellaCocool has been engaged in EPR project services for more than 5 years and served more than 5000 customers. We are experienced in providing satisfactory services for cross-border sellers.
Fullbourg SARL is a subsidiary of BellaCocool, which mainly provides EPR services in France for cross-border e-commerce companies. Our compliance for WEEE Act, packaging Act and Battery Act have been successfully licensed in August, 2021.
Authorized Certification
Amazon's official organization: the long term cooperation and communication with Amazon have won their recognition.
EAR organization: long term reporting and excellent qualification review have won the appreciation of the authorities.
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